Frequently Asked Questions

Costs And Coverage

How much does ShoutOUT cost?

Typed messages are FREE and UNLIMITED. Each voice-generated message costs only pennies after a 25-message trial. After that you can top up your voice credits in packages of 50 for $1.99, 150 for $3.99, and 250 for $4.99. Credits can be obtained directly through the ShoutOUT application using in-app purchase and your iTunes account.

What are voice credits?

Voice credits enable you to use voice dictation to create text messages. One voice credit is used every time a message is sent that includes dictated text. One message = one voice credit, no matter how many times you speak before sending your message. Voice credits are purchased in-app and payment is managed through your iTunes account.

How do I know how many voice credits I have left?

You can check your voice credit status by tapping MORE in the ShoutOUT interface.

Are keyboard-generated text messages sent through ShoutOUT free?

Yes they are, providing the text is entered by keyboard alone. You do not even pay regular SMS rates to your carrier.

Which mobile carriers are supported?

ShoutOUT can send messages to all major US and Canadian carriers.

US: Alltel, AT&T Wireless, Boost, Centennial Wireless, iPCS, Nextel, Sprint, T-Mobile, Unicel, Verizon Wireless, Virgin Mobile

Canada: Bell Mobility, Rogers, Telus, Virgin Mobile Canada

What about non-North American carriers?

ShoutOUT messaging is only available in North America at this time.


How accurate is ShoutOUT?

ShoutOUT is based on industry-leading voice recognition technology. Most people will have great results. And ShoutOUT learns over time: the more you use it, the more accurate it will become.

But what if a word is wrong?

ShoutOUT features SmartWord™ technology: tap on any word in the display, and a list of plausible replacements appears. Move the spinner to select the right word. If none of the choices are correct, you can edit your message using speech or the keyboard.

What about punctuation?

ShoutOUT supports spoken punctuation. Speak the punctuation mark you want to insert-for example, "exclamation point" or "question mark"—and ShoutOUT will insert the symbol into the transcription. The supported punctuation marks are: period, dot, exclamation mark, exclamation point, question mark, comma, apostrohpe, dash, ellipsis, hyphen, quotation mark, begin quote, open quote, end quote, close quote, colon, semicolon, slash, backslash, ampersand, at sign, asterisk, underscore.

What languages are supported?

Currently, only North American English is supported. Additional languages are coming.


What about privacy?

ShoutOUT voice recognition is fully automatic—the transcription that appears on your handset is created with no human intervention whatsoever. ¬†And ShoutOUT does not upload your contacts to any server. For more information, please view the ShoutOUT Privacy Statement.

Features And Details

Is ShoutOUT a complete texting solution?

In addition to its voice-to-text function at per-message rates lower than most regular SMS texting plans, ShoutOUT does everything a regular texting program does-and does it for free. It includes all normal texting features you'd expect, as well as premium features like contact thumbnail images, conversations organized by recipient, and one-touch access to recently sent or received messages.

Can I send audio, video or picture attachments (MMS messages) through ShoutOUT?

Not at this time. ShoutOUT supports only voice- and keyboard-generated text messages.

Can I choose a recipient address by speaking it?

This feature is under development and will be incorporated in a future release. For now, you can select recipients from the iPhone contact list, from a list of recently used recipients, or by direct entry of the destination mobile phone number.

Does ShoutOUT integrate with the iPhone contact list?

Yes. ShoutOUT references your iPhone contact list when you select recipients.

What's the maximum talk time?

ShoutOUT accepts up to twenty seconds of audio per voice input. However, ShoutOUT supports multiple voice inputs per text message. You can add as many twenty-second phrases to the same message as you wish, up to the maximum message length.

How do I add more text to my message?

Move the cursor to where you want to insert more text, press and hold the Talk button, and speak the new phrase. The transcription will be inserted at the cursor location.

Do I use a voice credit for each voice input?

No. One voice message = one voice credit, no matter how many times you speak before sending your message.

What's the maximum message length?

Cell phone carrier rules limit text messages to 140 characters. However, if you need to send a longer message, ShoutOUT will handle up to a thousand characters of input, automatically dividing it into shorter segments that will be sent as separate messages.

How long do I have to wait for the transcription?

Transcription takes place on ShoutOUT's powerful, dedicated servers. Text is usually returned within seconds after you finish speaking.

How can I increase the font size?

ShoutOUT includes a large font option accessible through the More tab option

Can I drive while using ShoutOUT?

DO NOT USE SHOUTOUT WHILE DRIVING. Driving and texting at the same time is dangerous, even with ShoutOUT. We strongly discourage driving while using any function of any mobile device. Doing so is illegal in many US states and Canadian provinces.

Does ShoutOUT run on the iPod Touch?

ShoutOUT is not compatible with the iPod Touch.

Why is the sender's ID formatted differently in ShoutOUT?

ShoutOUT-generated text messages are sent in SMTP format. This is different from the format of standard SMS text messages, and sender identification may appear differently than in standard text message applications.

Can ShoutOUT send messages to regular email addresses as well as to mobile devices?

This feature is under development and will be incorporated in a future release.


Why doesn't ShoutOUT understand my voice?

Most people will have great results with ShoutOUT. For best performance, hold the phone 3 to 6 inches from your mouth, and speak clearly in a normal voice. Avoid using ShoutOUT in places where there is a lot of background noise.

If you speak English with a non-North American accent (British, Australian, Caribbean, South African, for example), if English is not your mother tongue, or if you speak too quickly or slur your words, you may experience accuracy problems.

Transcription is taking a long time. How can I speed it up?

In almost all cases, ShoutOUT will present the text of your spoken words within seconds. However, the application latency depends mainly upon the speed of the connection to the server. If the cellular data network is busy, or you are in an area with poor coverage, you may experience delays of 30 seconds or more. You will get better performance if you connect via WiFi.

Why can't Sprint/Nextel users reply to my ShoutOUT messages?

This is a consequence of the way the Sprint/Nextel network handles SMTP messages. ShoutOUT text messages-whether voice- or keyboard-generated-are sent in SMTP (email) format, not standard SMS format. This is why they can be sent at little to no cost. Sprint/Nextel does not permit its customers to reply to messages received through its SMTP / SMS gateway. You can send ShoutOUT messages to Sprint/Nextel subscribers, but in order to reply, they will have to send a regular SMS message to your mobile phone number.