Frequently Asked Questions

Costs, Download and Support

How much does ShoutOUT cost?

ShoutOUT costs $2.99 a month, and is billed by Verizon through your phone bill. The $2.99 monthly subscription fee allows you to use ShoutOUT without limits, as often as you like. If you choose to delete ShoutOUT from your phone, the subscription fee will discontinue and no further costs will occur.

Where can I download ShoutOUT?

ShoutOUT is available on the Verizon Media Store of your phone. Depending on your phone model, go to MENU and select Media Center > Browse & Download > Get New Applications or go to MENU and select GET IT NOW > Tools on the Go > Get New Applications. Choose ShoutOUT in the “Business Tools/Information” section.

Which Verizon phones are supported for ShoutOUT?

ShoutOUT is supported for the following phones: LG Chocolate 3 (VX8560), LG VX8360, LG Chocolate 2 (VX8550), LG EnV 2 (VX9100), LG EnV 3 (VX9200), LG VX8350, LG Decoy (VX8610), LG VX9900, LG Cosmos (VN250), LG Accolade (VX5600) and Samsung Trance (u490). Follow us on Promptu's Facebook page and Promptu's Twitter account for upcoming releases on additional handsets.

How do I launch ShoutOUT?

Once installed, on most of phone models, you can access ShoutOUT every time with just one click—by pressing a specific hotkey on the phone.

  • LG VX8560/VX8360/VX8610/VX5600—press the microphone button on the side of the phone.
  • LG VN250—press the Clear key/microphone button on the front of the phone.
  • LG VX9100/VX9200—press simultaneously the shift + space buttons.
  • LG VX8550/VX8350/VX9900—there is no hotkey to access ShoutOUT. Go to MENU and select GET IT NOW > Tools on the Go > ShoutOUT.
  • Samsung u490—there is no hotkey to access ShoutOUT. Go to MENU and select Media Center > Browse & Download > ShoutOUT.

If you reboot your phone, allow a couple of seconds to access ShoutOUT with the hotkey.

Voice Input and Accuracy

How do I speak the recipient’s name or phone number (voice addressing)?

Press and hold the SEND key, wait for the beep and speak the name of the recipient. You can also speak up to 11 digits of a phone number.


  • "Jane Smith"
  • "Jane Smith mobile"
  • "Jane Smith work"
  • "Jane Smith home"


  • 7 digits – 555 5555
  • 10 digits – 650 555 5555
  • 11 digits – 1 800 555 5555

**Both words ‘zero’ and ‘oh’ are supported.

How do I speak my text?

Press and hold the SEND key, wait for the beep and speak your message for up to 10 seconds. When you’re done speaking, release the SEND key. You can always add more text to your message—press and hold the SEND key again and speak the additional text. The transcription will be inserted at the cursor.

How accurate is ShoutOUT?

ShoutOUT is based on industry-leading voice recognition technology and learns over time: the more you use it, the more accurate it will become.

How can I edit the transcribed message?

ShoutOUT features SmartWord™ technology: position the cursor on any word in the display, then select the SmartWord option on the lower right corner of the screen—a list of plausible replacements will appear for you to select from. If none of the choices are correct, you can edit your message using speech or the keyboard.

What about punctuation?

ShoutOUT supports spoken punctuation. Speak the punctuation mark you would like to insert, for example, "exclamation point" or "question mark", and ShoutOUT will insert the symbol into the transcription. The supported punctuation marks are: period, dot, exclamation mark, exclamation point, question mark, comma, apostrophe, dash, ellipsis, hyphen, quotation mark, begin quote, open quote, end quote, close quote, colon, semicolon, slash, backslash, ampersand, at sign, asterisk, underscore.

Which languages are supported for ShoutOUT?

Currently, only North American English is supported.


What about privacy?

ShoutOUT voice recognition is fully automated—the transcription that appears on your handset is created with no human intervention whatsoever. As well, ShoutOUT does not upload your contacts to any server, as voice addressing is embedded in the application. For more information, please view the ShoutOUT Privacy Statement.

Features and Details

Is ShoutOUT a complete texting solution?

ShoutOUT includes all normal texting features you would expect, as well as premium features such as composing a messages and addressing recipients by voice.

Can I send audio, video or picture attachments (MMS messages) through ShoutOUT?

Not at this time. ShoutOUT supports only voice and keyboard-generated text messages.

Does ShoutOUT integrate with the phone’s contact list?

Yes. ShoutOUT references your phone’s contact list when you select recipients or speak a name of a contact. ShoutOUT voice addressing works best if you have 500 contacts or less in your address book.

How long do I have to wait for the transcription?

Transcription takes place on ShoutOUT's powerful, dedicated servers. The text is usually returned within seconds after you finish speaking.

How can I increase the font size?

ShoutOUT includes a Large font option to make reading and composing texts easier on your phone. You can enable it in ShoutOUT Settings > Font size.

What is the purpose of Voice Playback?

In ShoutOUT Settings, you can activate the Voice Playback option. It will read aloud the audio recording you have just spoken.

Can I drive while using ShoutOUT?

Texting while driving is dangerous—even with ShoutOUT. It is illegal in many states, and we strongly discourage driving while using any function of any mobile device.

Can ShoutOUT send messages to regular email addresses as well as to mobile devices?

Yes, it can.


Why doesn't ShoutOUT always understand my voice?

Most people have great results with ShoutOUT. For best performance, hold the phone 3 to 6 inches from your mouth and speak clearly in a normal voice. Avoid using ShoutOUT in noisy environments. If you speak English with a non-North American accent (i.e. British, Australian, Caribbean, etc.), or any other accent, and if you speak too quickly or slur your words, you may experience accuracy problems.

Transcription is taking a little too long. Why?

In almost all cases, ShoutOUT will transcribe your dictation within seconds. However, the application latency depends mainly upon the speed of the connection to the server. If the cellular data network is busy, or you are in an area with poor coverage, you may experience a delay of 30 seconds or more.